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Overwatch - Competitive Update Information

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Quick rundown if tl;dw...

0:01 - 0:54 - Hello and thank you, many players

0:55 - 1:00 - Mentions Spectate mode improvements being worked on for both broadcasting and observing

1:00 - 1:45 - Competitive is coming at the end of June, Quick Play is default mess-around mode; Competitive is serious, focused effort

1:45 - 2:24 - Beta tested format feedback, not competitive enough; wanted more clear true rank

2:25 - 3:40 - Season length is 2.5 months with a break between seasons - spring, summer, fall, winter

3:41 - 5:24 - Formats within competitive play - many modes - no specific details yet. Sudden Death too often (felt 50%, statistically 35%). Want to minimize it, not happening every 2 or 3 games. Sudden death will resolve on the map you 'tied' on. Dorado tiebreaker will be on Dorado, example.

5:25 - 6:08 - Double cap "assault" maps (Volskaya, Hanamura, Anubis) felt too coin-flippy. Maps will last longer and have more chance of back-and-forth, no specifics yet.

6:09 - 8:55 - 'Progression vs skill' - couldn't lose a tier, only rank inside a tier. Feedback says too grindy, where am I relative to other players. No more tiers, will use MMR to directly correlate to new 'skill rating' between 1-100. Will show 'skill rating' of you and others in the game. Team avg. skill rating shown. Skewed toward gaining more than losing when facing higher average 'skill rating'. No assumptions on party size, will show groups.

8:56 - 10:17 - Downside of this system is you will go down sometimes (oh nooooo!); competitive players want it, and if it's not liked please give feedback. They want a 10/10 competitive experience as well. Changes can be made during season breaks.

10:18 - 11:20 - Competitive rewards?! No power gains, but "awesome" cosmetic rewards planned. Very cool customized "GOLDEN GUN SYSTEM"! Unlockable, best players will earn before others. Some will be top tier ONLY.

11:21 - 11:46 - More info soon, answering what questions they can. Excited for the future. Thanks.

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