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Upcoming Overwatch Changes/Nerfs/Buffs

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Competitive play:

  • No concrete date

  • Unlike in the beta you can now drop down a tier. If you lose, you're going to go down, if you win, you're going to go up.

  • You can queue in any party size that you want.

  • Matchmaking will be like quick play; party with X amount of friends and it will find another party of X amount of players of the same skill level.

  • Seasons will be two and a half months and then a week or two off.

Tick rate:

  • He thinks people are getting confused. The server does tick at 60 Hz, it's the client update rate that is lower.

  • The custom game high bandwidth option doesn't work for 20% of players, the more the custom game high bandwidth option gets tested by us the more likely they'll roll it out to quick play.

  • Very irresponsible to roll out something so buggy.

  • He thinks players blame the tick rate too much when things go wrong but in most cases it's the fault of latency.

Balance changes:

  • McCree nerf: Coming before D.Va buff. Reducing the Fan the Hammer damage. Want to keep it so he can flashbang then fan the hammer someone like Tracer but not destroy Tanks.

  • D.Va buff: Unclear what to do right now with her. Might look at her damage or survivability. When they do buff her it will be one direction not both.

  • All platforms will get the balance changes at the same time unless one platform somehow lags behind.

Play of the game:

  • Thinking about improving saviour play of the game as it only shows in 1st person camera. Showing them more "cinematically" would help this.

Future content

  • Look out for more info on new maps and/or heroes later in summer.

  • Players haven't found every hint about new hero.

  • Plan to add heroes one at a time unlike in the beta.

Cross platform with PS4 and Xbox One:

  • Very open-minded about it.

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