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  1. Deranks....

    I didn't derank...
  2. Memorable Republica Quotes

    Mekaj: "I can one-hand any bra I've come across"   Bcuz: "THAT JUST MEANS YOUR WIFE IS A SLUT"
  3. Mekaj told me to shit post some more, so here we are.  
  4. Am I shit-posting yet?

  5. Am I shit-posting yet?

  6. irl pictures

      pretty sexy ayy? (lmao)
  7. Republica Hearthstone Tournament?

    Fuck you, you jester of shit, everyone knows that Black is the real king of games, and I am the queen of games. Eat an enormous donkey cock you slimy cunt.
  8. Who caused Bcuz's tumor?

    Let's examine the possible culprits as I know them: Mekaj, Me, Bcuz himself, 4chan, or Obama.   The evidence for Mekaj: He is utter cancer, so cancer in fact, that even his ability to spell appears to be deteriorating from constant doses of chemo. Everything he touches quickly becomes the most cancerous thing ever (some say that YLYL threads on /b/ were actually good before mekaj came in contact with them), so he is a likely candidate.    Me: No evidence needed.   Bcuz himself: How do we know Bcuz didn't just give himself cancer in order to capitalize on California's medicinal marijuana laws? Maybe he just wanted people to pay attention to him, due to his fading popularity. We can't know for sure, but Bcuz's cancer might have been an inside job (just like 9/11).   4chan: 4chan has been known to fuck with everything they can, so it isn't a long shot that they might have given Bcuz cancer, but until there is further evidence we'll just have to wait it out.   Obama: No evidence needed, he is illuminati.   In conclusion, Mekaj sucks fat cock and Obama has, on more than one occasion, asked me for anal sex, so therefore the cause of Bcuz's cancer is Jefe. I rest my case.
  9. Music Thread

    Post your shit taste in music.   I'll start