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  1. Jakeisms

    This is a thread to remember all the great quotes of Mekaj   Milk has cheeseburger in it Where is Brexit?  
  2. good will hunting Die Hard series
  3. Can't wait to buy Stattrak Fade gloves
  4. Music Thread

    Oh and for Mekaj:  
  5. Music Thread

  6. Am I shit-posting yet?

    Too big didn't read
  7. Who caused Bcuz's tumor?

  8. Vehicle stats

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1g2Qy84YUrYu_YCcdjMhzDGuNMzwNtjVjIJzdRmrHu6Y/edit?usp=sharing   This gets updated regularly 

  10. Who caused Bcuz's tumor?

    Is this like a who stole the cookie from the cookie jar thread?
  11. MURICA

  12. MURICA

  13. MURICA

  14. MURICA

    A thread about MURICA no canadians allowed