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  1. Im 12 and what is this?

    Behold your new overlord the automatic clothes folder, FoldiMate 5000! It saves space, time & alternate dimensions! It kills Communism in one fell swoop!   Watch as this old woman is able to fold clothes at roughly the same speed as an old woman! Be in awe over the arthritis-preventing technique of the talented (and patented) folding pole!          
  2. Republica Hearthstone Tournament?

    I don't think you caught the hidden message Tripp, Ragnas would talk like this to him all the time!    
  3. Random Minecraft Pictures

    Oh man, time for a nostalgia albummmmmmmmmmmm   BEHOLD!   3 Days of Night! Builds by Jefe & (that one guy...[what is it?])! A photo for a contest Jefe held on the server (I didn't win) The spawn I had when I first joined!   Wooooo
  4. Mini-Game server!

    So is the objective to like, fill in the cracks?   But do tell 'bout these details my fine maple leaf sir.
  5. Im 12 and what is this?

    Everybodyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!   But yeah, I was pretty much dead for about 6 months due to sleep deprivation, haha.   Now things are back to normal and I have a one year old walking around with a singing robot
  6. Im 12 and what is this?

    I just heard the news today as well!   I have been busy ensuring my SupahSapling matures into a great tree!   Other than that, just makin' dat dough and playing way too much Dark Souls II, haha.   How has life been treating you?