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  1. Discord?

    Should we move from TeamSpeak to Discord? Let me know your thoughts and vote in the poll   if you don't have an account and still want to vote, just hit me up on teamspeak and i'll add you in
  2. Overwatch Animated Shorts

    Bastion got his cinematic short        
  3. Overwatch Animated Shorts

      Winston/Reaper     Widowmaker/Tracer       Hanzo/Genji      
  4. back to the future pulp fiction
  5. Overwatch's Twitter account just tweeted the following image:   This seems to indicate that a new support class will be coming that utilizes long-range heals (a la Spark from Dirty Bomb)  
  6.     Quick rundown if tl;dw... 0:01 - 0:54 - Hello and thank you, many players 0:55 - 1:00 - Mentions Spectate mode improvements being worked on for both broadcasting and observing 1:00 - 1:45 - Competitive is coming at the end of June, Quick Play is default mess-around mode; Competitive is serious, focused effort 1:45 - 2:24 - Beta tested format feedback, not competitive enough; wanted more clear true rank 2:25 - 3:40 - Season length is 2.5 months with a break between seasons - spring, summer, fall, winter 3:41 - 5:24 - Formats within competitive play - many modes - no specific details yet. Sudden Death too often (felt 50%, statistically 35%). Want to minimize it, not happening every 2 or 3 games. Sudden death will resolve on the map you 'tied' on. Dorado tiebreaker will be on Dorado, example. 5:25 - 6:08 - Double cap "assault" maps (Volskaya, Hanamura, Anubis) felt too coin-flippy. Maps will last longer and have more chance of back-and-forth, no specifics yet. 6:09 - 8:55 - 'Progression vs skill' - couldn't lose a tier, only rank inside a tier. Feedback says too grindy, where am I relative to other players. No more tiers, will use MMR to directly correlate to new 'skill rating' between 1-100. Will show 'skill rating' of you and others in the game. Team avg. skill rating shown. Skewed toward gaining more than losing when facing higher average 'skill rating'. No assumptions on party size, will show groups. 8:56 - 10:17 - Downside of this system is you will go down sometimes (oh nooooo!); competitive players want it, and if it's not liked please give feedback. They want a 10/10 competitive experience as well. Changes can be made during season breaks. 10:18 - 11:20 - Competitive rewards?! No power gains, but "awesome" cosmetic rewards planned. Very cool customized "GOLDEN GUN SYSTEM"! Unlockable, best players will earn before others. Some will be top tier ONLY. 11:21 - 11:46 - More info soon, answering what questions they can. Excited for the future. Thanks.
  7.   Summary: Competitive play: No concrete date Unlike in the beta you can now drop down a tier. If you lose, you're going to go down, if you win, you're going to go up. You can queue in any party size that you want. Matchmaking will be like quick play; party with X amount of friends and it will find another party of X amount of players of the same skill level. Seasons will be two and a half months and then a week or two off. Tick rate: He thinks people are getting confused. The server does tick at 60 Hz, it's the client update rate that is lower. The custom game high bandwidth option doesn't work for 20% of players, the more the custom game high bandwidth option gets tested by us the more likely they'll roll it out to quick play. Very irresponsible to roll out something so buggy. He thinks players blame the tick rate too much when things go wrong but in most cases it's the fault of latency. Balance changes: McCree nerf: Coming before D.Va buff. Reducing the Fan the Hammer damage. Want to keep it so he can flashbang then fan the hammer someone like Tracer but not destroy Tanks. D.Va buff: Unclear what to do right now with her. Might look at her damage or survivability. When they do buff her it will be one direction not both. All platforms will get the balance changes at the same time unless one platform somehow lags behind. Play of the game: Thinking about improving saviour play of the game as it only shows in 1st person camera. Showing them more "cinematically" would help this. Future content Look out for more info on new maps and/or heroes later in summer. Players haven't found every hint about new hero. Plan to add heroes one at a time unlike in the beta. Cross platform with PS4 and Xbox One: Very open-minded about it.
  8. Talledega Nights, The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
  9. A list of the possible vehicles coming in the next DLC (June 7th)   Get all the details on the DLC here:
  10. Tombstone        
  12. Overwatch Animated Shorts

  13. don't worry guys, he's seen 'White Girls'
  14. Diablo 3 Season 6/Patch 2.4.1 Info

    Goblin Farming Route:   Cathedral 1 Leoric's Passage Cathedral 2-4 Royal Crypts Northern Highlands Southern Highlands Cave of the Moon Clan Level 1-2
  15.   Season 6 starts 29 April at 5:00 PM PST (GMT -8)     **SEASON 6/2.4.1 START GUIDE**     Season 6 First Look, Rewards Season 6 First Look, Season Journey Season 6 Cosmetic Item Preview   2.4.1 Meta Builds Transmog/Pet list   Legendary Drop Rate/Kadala Shard Table
  16. Diablo 3 Season 6/Patch 2.4.1 Info

    Easiest Set Dungeons per class   Barbarian: Immortal King's. This is definitely the easiest one. Small map. I mastered it one my 2nd run, just because on the first run I finished it in less than 2 minutes that the first objective is not done (failed because finishing too fast? C'mon! But that's what happened). Crusader: Seeker of the light's. Finished on first try. Also small map. Didn't even know the layout of the map, and finished with more that 1 minute to spare. Demon hunter: Natalya's. Similar to IK's. Just to make sure to find something to hit so that obsidian ring can keep proccing. Monk: Inna's or Sunwuko's. Both have bigger map than the aforementioned 3, but should be fairly straightforward. Make sure to kill all monsters to avoid backtracking. Witch doctor: Arachyr's or Zunimasa's are both kinda easy. For Arachyr's, make sure to kill all the elites using both attacks. Zuni's you just don't leave anything behind. Both maps are not big so that's good. Wizard: Tal Rasha's. Done in my first try. Beware of the Rockworm that goes from underneath, but I got lucky and didn't get hit.
  17. Operation Wildfire

    New operation is out, Nuke has returned!
  18. Free Games

    Just bought the new Gamepedia Online Multiplayer Humble Bundle and only wanted a couple games out of it ($12 version). If you want anything out of the bundle, let me know.   (I took Dirty Bomb Humble Bundle Loadout, Life is Feudal, and Awesomenauts. Everything else is up for grabs!)
  19. Memorable Republica Quotes

    No context required...   "He's just a hot dude" - Mekaj
  21. Deranks....

    I deranked from LE to silver 1
  22. Am I shit-posting yet?

  23. Diablo 3 Season 5

    So what characters will everyone be playing in Season 5? I'm personally thinking about rolling a DH   ULTIMATE GUIDE FOR S5: