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Minecraft Server Rules - jefe - 01-18-2020

Version 1.0
Additions/deletions may be made at anytime and the changes will be documented at the bottom of this post

Republica Minecraft Server Rules

The descriptions and situations described in the finer points on the rules may not be exhaustive, so use your best judgement. Ignorance or claiming at "you didn't know" isn't a valid excuse.

The basics: Be cool and don't be a dick

Rule #1 - No bigotry, racism, or harassment
Don't use slurs, make offensive structures (i.e. Swastikas, etc) or make people feel unwelcome on the server. This is a place for people of all backgrounds and you will be removed if you violate that basic tenet

Rule #2 - No griefing
Don't destroy something another player made. This doesn't mean that you have to ignore a public chest or unsecured animals. The easiest way to think of it is..."if i have to break/place a block to get in, it's griefing". It's up to each individual player to protect their own belongings. This means locking your chests/doors and/or joining a town.

We understand mistakes happen (i.e. tunneling up from a mine into someones house), so if accidents happen make sure to notify a staff member ASAP (or make a post here on the forum)

Rule #3 - No hacking or glitching
No hacked clients, xray, pvp auras, etc. If you discover a glitch within our set of plugins/permissions, notify a staff member ASAP. If you are found to have been benefiting from server glitches, you're progress will be reset at a minimum and a temp ban will be put into place.

Rule #4 - No ban evasion
If you are serving a temp ban, don't use another account to try and log into the server. If you are banned and your appeal is denied, take the hint and find somewhere else to play

Rule #5 - Don't ask for in-game items/resources
This is a survival server and we strive to keep it as balanced as possible. Outside of the admin store at spawn and our lootboxes, staff won't send items to players outside of regular game-play (additional events may occur in game that give items however...)

The staff and the owner will take whatever action necessary to ensure the game play and the community is not degraded. This means that they may remove any player for any reason (aka Rule #0) that isn't covered by the above rules

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