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ESO Recommended Addons - jefe - 02-17-2019

Recommended Addons for The Elder Scrolls Online

Before we dive into this, I recommend using Minion as your Addon manager

This is not an exhaustive list, and some of the listed addons have good alternatives, but this is a list of the ones I like the most. Feel free to provide the ones you like in the replies to this thread.

Action Duration Reminder
This addon tracks your slotted actions that have duration attributes or over time effects, reminds you to re-invoke your actions, and makes you good at performing rotations

- Show current action duration remaining seconds in action bar,
- Show a shift bar of swapped action hints above their original action bar position,
- Auto move player resource bars upward when they are conflicted with shift bar,
- Support actions without duration attribute but have DOT effects such as Desctructive Touch or other timed effect such as Elemental Drain,
- Keep the ending 0.0 hints blinking for a little longer after duration finished, so they don't get lost easily,
- Switch correspongding timer hints for current reticle over target,
- Support actions stackable effect counting such as nightblade's Grim Focus and its morphs,
- Append shift bar on top of ultimate button to show third ability bar such as overload bar action timer hints,
- Override action duration with target debuff effect, e.g. change Beast Trap's 60s timeout to 6s timeout after triggered.

[Image: pvw5004.jpg]

Advanced Filters
The default inventory has type filters, but they're still WAY too broad. This add-on fixes that!

- Subfilters to find exactly what you're looking for!
- Main inventory, personal bank, guild bank, guild store, vendors, and craft bag support!
- Custom icon work that makes the add-on feel like it came with the game!
- Empty subfilters are greyed out and inaccessible to help save you time searching!
- Shortens the time you need to find an item in your inventory!
- German, French, Russian, and Spanish localization! (some are partial, PM me for corrections/additions)
- Extensible filter system for authors to create additional dropdown filters! (See included documentation for details)

[Image: pvw2986.png]

Awesome Guild Stores
This addon augments the guild store interface with many useful additions.

  • Search Tab Improvements
    • Category filters like in the inventory
    • Subcategories similar to Advanced Filters
    • Range sliders for level, price and quality filters
    • Multi selectable item property filters (traits, enchantments, etc.)
    • Text filter for results on current page
    • Persistent filter state
    • Reset buttons for each individual filter and all filters at once
    • Search history and favorites
    • Start search button
    • Per unit price display
    • Loading overlay
    • Advanced page navigation
  • Sell Tab Improvements
    • Categories selection like on the search tab
    • Select items quickly for listing with a single click
    • Sliders to select sell quantity and unit price
    • Full craft bag support
  • Listing Tab Improvements
    • Sortable headers
    • Number of listed items
    • Loading overlay
  • Select guilds quickly with two clicks from the dropdown or even faster via the mousewheel
  • Shows the current guild trader location in a tooltip
  • New custom Icons
  • Full support for English, French, German, Russian and Japanese
  • *BETA* List of all guild traders in Tamriel (enable in the settings and access it via the guild menu)
  • and more

[Image: pvw4505.jpg]

Combat Metrics
Combat Metrics is an addon to track your fights. You can use it to measure your DPS, you can analyse which skills make your DPS or who caused your incoming damage. You can also analyse the heals you received or cast. You can check which buffs and debuffs were running, how much magicka or stamina per second you used and regenerated. You can Analyse the Combat log, filter it to analyse specific issues

Quote:[Image: pvw6556.png]

CraftStore is an addon that lets you track crafting process and status across all characters

  • CraftStore provides a interface you can use everywhere, everytime with a collection of:
    All craftable sets with the option to instantly port to the nearest wayshrine
    All provisioning recipes with the option to mark its ingredients
    All crafting writs for your daily quests if interacting with a crafting station
  • Keep track of all your characters:
    All researched traits, research in progress and used research slots
    All research timer, mount training timer, level
    All provisioning recipes
    All styles
    All stocked items on every character
  • All these trackings are visible in your inventory, bank, guild bank, guild store and loot window, needed items are marked:
    (!) your current character need this item
    (!) one or more of your alternate characters need this item
    (!) this is a ingredient required for a marked recipe
  • All these features are selectable for each of your characters
  • You have a 12 and 24 hour countdown to collect your hireling mails
  • You can see your daily fence transactions and your gold income today
  • The interface is completely interactive, with tooltips and a right click mostly post into chat
  • Last but not least CraftStore provides you a complete new designed, well optimized interface for Provisioning and Enchanting
[Image: pvw4078.png]

Adds a ton of map pins and shows undiscovered locations on the map

Quote:This addon will show the following on your maps and radar depending on your settings:
  • I like M'aiq
  • Give to the Poor/Crime Pays/Lightbringer
  • Peacemaker
  • Nose Diver
  • This One's on Me
  • One Last Brawl
  • Orsinium Patron
  • Wrothgar Cliff Jumper
  • Wrothgar Master Relic Hunter
  • Breaking and Entering
  • A Cutpurse Above
  • Dungeon Bosses (Dungeon Champions)
  • Ayleid Wells
  • Werewolf/Vampire spawns
  • Vampire altars
  • Werewolf Shrines
  • Dwemer Ruins
  • Quest Givers up to One Tamriel (NOT FOR Morrowind, CWC, Summerset, Murkmire!!!)
  • Fishing spots including optimal bait
  • Collectibles spots (NOT FULLY IMPLEMENTED YET!)
The following can be shown on your maps depending on your settings:
The POI's below can be shown with french, german, japanese or russian AND english names on non-english clients.
  • Wayshrines
  • Area of Interests
  • Public Dungeons
  • Mundus Stones
  • Dolmens
  • Group Bosses
  • Group Dungeons
  • Quest Hubs
  • Crafting Locations
  • Solo Dungeons
  • Group Events
  • Group Delves
  • Trial Instances
[Image: pvw2902.png]

Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter
Do you want Master Writs? Don't want to spend hours on writs? Then this addon is for you! It automates and simplifies the entire Writ crafting process

Quote:[Image: pvw6172.png]

Displays map pins for Shalidor's Library books and Eidetic Memory Scrolls

Quote:Features :
Pins on maps of all books of the game. Divided into 3 filters Unknown Lorebooks, Collected Lorebooks, Eidetic Memory. In both Keyboard & Gamepad Modes. Pins also displays if book is in a dungeon & for Eidetic Memory linked to which quest.
Pins on your compas for the Unknown Lorebooks & Eidetic Memory. In both Keyboard & Gamepad Modes
Possibility to unlock Eidetic Memory even without doing the Mage Guild Questline.
Automatic sharing of discovering in order to improve the addon
Improvements of the Lore Library in Keyboard Mode:
A research for collection and boks at the top of the library
Coordinates of each book with a right-clic on the book. It will open map, zoom & set a rally point on the focused book.
For Eidetic Memory, a tooltip to inform if book is in a bookshelve, in a dungeon, linked to a quest, etc.
A detailled report and its copyable version in the Lore Library throught R keybind.

[Image: pvw4579.jpg]

Lost Treasure
Shows treasure map and survey locations on your World Map. It includes every known treasure map and survey location

Quote:Features :
Filter out treasure map or survey icons on map. Make sure the filter is checked if you want to see treasure map icons. By default enabled.
Show ALL treasure maps and ALL survey locations for ALL zones
Build in minimap that you can keep on your screen for locating treasure or surveys easier.
Full support for english, french and german clients.
Options to scale and select textures for your map markers
Uses Compass Bar when you get close to treasure or survey location.

[Image: pvw1692.png]

LUI Extended
LUI Extended is an addon that adds multiple custom components including:
  • Default game enhancements and new SLASH commands
  • Buff & Debuff Tracking - Track buffs and debuffs with new custom icons and significant enhancements to auras done by using a manual override table.
  • Chat Announcements - Display messages in chat when spending or receiving currency, track loot, achievements, lorebooks, collectibles, experience gain, guild reputation, as well as customize chat announcements, alerts, and center screen announcements for various events such as social events, guild invites, quests, and more.
  • Combat Info - Track your GCD, Ultimate Value, Quickslot Cooldown, & Highlight Active Abilities on your bar
  • Combat Text - Now featuring the Combat Cloud scrolling combat text addon with enhancements. Display your outgoing and incoming damage/healing, track crowd control, track incoming damaging abilities with a new warning system, and monitor your resource gain.
  • Unit Frames - Custom unitframes for Player/Target, Group, Raid, and Bosses. Color group and raid frames by Class or Role, track power changes, armor changes, and dots with animations on the frame.
Quote:[Image: pvw6374.png]

Provision's TeamFormation
A user Interface for The Elder Scrolls Online, designed to show the positions and health of your teammates, like a radar

Quote:Features :
- Keyboard shortcut to enable/disable TeamFormation.
- Dead and resurrection status icon.
- Leader and class icon
- Camera rotation + Character rotation.
- HP Indicator.
- Cardinal point (adjustable transparency from 0 to 100%).
- Movable, Resizable and Scalable UI.
- Customize colors.
- Group interface shows distance.

[Image: pvw3643.jpg]

Tired of not seeing certain effects in raids? Having trouble looking at the boss to see if he's about to do a mechanic? Or are you just lazy and want something to do most of the work for you? Then this is the addon you seek! Never be caught offguard so you can put your focus on things that are more important.

Quote:[Image: pvw4390.png]

Adds map pins for skyshards to the world map.

Quote:[Image: pvw497.jpg]

Tamriel Trade Centre
Global trade search tool (requires a desktop application to work). Lists recommended prices based on listed items, not on sales like Master Merchant

Quote:[Image: pvw4290.png]

Votan's Keybinder
Adds checkboxes to keybind dialog for user account wide shared keybindings. Very useful for people with alt characters

Quote:[Image: pvw4292.jpg]