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Server Down - SupahTree - 02-14-2019

Any idea on when it'll be available again? Assuming you guys are building things or the host caught on fire >.>

RE: Server Down - edibledude - 02-14-2019

For me it seems like the doman is down; but the direct ip is still up.

RE: Server Down - SupahTree - 02-14-2019

Ah ha! Thank you Smile

RE: Server Down - jefe - 02-15-2019

looks like the host changed the server ip or something, i'll fix the main redirect

should be back up and running soon-ish, can sometimes take 24 hrs to refresh

RE: Server Down - SupahTree - 02-16-2019

Nice, it's back to normal now ;D

RE: Server Down - Bcuz - 02-17-2019

The server host seems to keep moving the server around so use to connect if you are having issues