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Rank Information - Mekaj - 12-17-2018

The ranking system we use is based on time and posting to the forums, you can get your next rank by posting on the forums in the correct thread.

  • This is the default rank for players. This rank is mainly for people to look around and get a feel for the server before joining. Guests can build but can't use buckets and don't have the /sethome commands. They have access to the following commands: /me, /spawn, /kill, /money
  • This is the first "official" rank you'll receive. As a FNG, you'll have access to almost all the base commands of the server. FNGs can create or join a town/nation, start a shop, and set 2 homes.
  • After one week of getting the FNG rank you'll be eligible for a promotion to Member. This rank offers 4 total homes and showing off your new title.
  • After two weeks of being a Member, you will be eligible for a promotion to Respected. Respected players have access to 6 homes.
  • After four weeks of being at the Respected rank, you will be eligible for a promotion to the rank of Noble. Noble will be able to set 8 homes.
  • After six weeks of being Noble, you can request a promotion to the rank of Revered. As a Revered, you will have access to 10 homes as well as a featured spot in our Hall of Legends (located at spawn).