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  2. Discord?

    Nah, TS is will always be Bae. Discord is for kiddies. <3
  3. Discord?

    Should we move from TeamSpeak to Discord? Let me know your thoughts and vote in the poll   if you don't have an account and still want to vote, just hit me up on teamspeak and i'll add you in
  4. Overwatch Animated Shorts

    Bastion got his cinematic short        
  5. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
  6. o shit waddup

  7. Overwatch's Twitter account just tweeted the following image:   This seems to indicate that a new support class will be coming that utilizes long-range heals (a la Spark from Dirty Bomb)  
  8. Jakeisms

    This is a thread to remember all the great quotes of Mekaj   Milk has cheeseburger in it Where is Brexit?  
  9. o shit waddup

    hey, not sure if any of you remember me, but i used to play the republica minecraft server back in the day and i remember the community being unforgettable. if any of you shits wish to talk, my skype is bitterpenguin
  10. Overwatch Animated Shorts

      Winston/Reaper     Widowmaker/Tracer       Hanzo/Genji      
  11. back to the future pulp fiction
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