Full Version: Tupac9 Rebirthing Project
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What Is It?
The Tupac-9 Rebirthing Project aims to restore the former glory of the once greatest town in Republica history, as well as to achieve even greater heights than we did previously. Tupac-9 will be a subterranean cave-city, think blackreach from skyrim but without all of the falmer.

Because cave cities are fucking awesome

But How??

Phase 1: Resource Acquisition
Wherein we gather tools & enchantments to proceed with phase 2. We will need Diamond Tools with max efficiency enchants, as well as spades with durability/efficiency enchants.

Phase 2: Excavation Extravaganza
I am thinking what will be necessary is at about 20 depth, a 1000x1000x75 block cube bored into the terrain. From there we can begin phase 3.

Phase 3: Terraforming
We will make the empty box look like a cave city! Complete with farms, utilities, storage, player houses, and of course, a church (for tupac worship).

Wow That Sounds Fucking Rad, How Can I Help????
I am glad you asked!!! Talk to me in game to join the tupac train.